New Members’ Lunch

12 March 2024 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


We had a lot of fun hosting our first New Members’ Lunch of 2024 yesterday at Garibaldi. It was a wonderful opportunity for our new members to meet each other as well as our Chairwoman, Ms. Dawn Tan, 1st Deputy Chairman, Mr. Martin Hayes, 2nd Deputy Chairman, Mr. Wong Joo Seng as well as senior members of the Secretariat.

Fun fact: did you know the I in our logo in addition to standing for international also portrays doors open in welcome and doors open to new connections and opportunities? We invite all of you who are yet to become members to join, step through the open doors and become an integral part of our thriving ecosystem with an edge! You and your fellow members will benefit. Find out more at

Thank you to all our new members who attended the lunch. It was great to see you again and great to see you engaging with each other. Our thanks, too, to Dawn, Martin and Joo for their time and support.

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